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K.Onishi & Co., Ltd. With the history of above 120 years from establishmenr is consistently continuing to offer the customers valuable commodities in business fields that tie Japan to the world.

With a global idea and a borderless perspective that makes use of the pipes of cooperation with overseas

From the customer's point of view, we pursue products that resonate with our hearts.



Import business

We sell products produced overseas to Japanese customers.

We handle a wide range of products such as household goods, stationery, and apparel.

It is Ken Onishi's information gathering power, sales power, and bargaining power that can find products that meet needs from various products around the world and provide them cheaper and faster than the standard.

We also support product planning and development and local factory production.

We will identify the needs of the domestic market and provide the best balance of price, quality and speed.

Business partners: China, India, Southeast Asian countries, USA, etc.

Export business

We sell Japanese products to various countries overseas.

After familiarizing yourself with the cultural background of the export destination and determining what needs you have, we will sell the strengths of Japanese products as a weapon.

The strength of Japanese products is not the price, but the technology and quality cultivated in manufacturing.

While low-priced products are attracting attention, the product group that boasts Japan's unique technology and sensibility is

We have more than enough quality power to overcome fierce price competition.

We will disseminate the quality power of Made in Japan to the world.

Business partners: USA, Europe, Asian countries


Corporate information


Ken Onishi Co., Ltd.

Shoichi Onishi


President and CEO


33rd year of Meiji (1900 AD)



July 1, 1957

30 million yen


Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Midosuji Branch

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Uehonmachi Branch

Mizuho Bank Namba Branch



President and CEO

Shoichi Onishi

Ken Onishi Co., Ltd. started as a wholesaler of hairdressing and beauty equipment more than 120 years ago when the era was still in the Meiji era. Since the times changed to the Showa era and we started to engage in import and export business, we have been steadily improving our business performance while riding the wave of the times.

Thanks to you, we have been able to build relationships of trust with many customers along with our accumulated history, and to this day we have been operating steadily and steadily without any major upheaval. Currently, our main products are household goods and stationery for imports, apparel, and cosmetics and tools for exports. In addition, we handle a wide range of products in response to changes in the times and market needs. ..

The business stage of import and export business is the world. We will speedily supply products from all over the world to Japan, while at the same time transmitting high-quality Japanese products cultivated through Japanese manufacturing to the world. Our mission is to connect Japan and the world and enrich and value the lives of end users.

It can be said that the world economic situation is undergoing major changes. Our company, which has a long history, intends to take on the challenge of new products and new initiatives while preserving what we should protect. Thank you for your continued support.

Our strengths are the know-how and achievements gained from our abundant experience, and our human resources.

Ken Onishi, a trading company specializing in imports and exports, exchanges information with the world market on a daily basis. From market research and delving into customer needs, to product planning and proposals, domestic and overseas business negotiations, production control, and import / export, we carry out consistently and speedily.

About corporate philosophy

Ken Onishi has a philosophy that has been passed down for more than 120 years since its founding.

"Permanence is the power of the company" "Coexistence and co-prosperity"

A company has social existence value only if it continues to operate no matter what. To that end, it is important for us and our customers to think that they will prosper together. If your business goes well, it will have a positive effect on us. A company will never grow if it is run by one person. "Coexistence and co-prosperity" is also related to the idea of ​​"Sampo Yoshi" (seller good, buyer good, public good), which is known as a business knowledge. In other words, you and your business partners will prosper, and society will also prosper.

We will not forget this philosophy and will continue in the spirit of coexistence and co-prosperity.




In 1883, Yonosuke Onishi founded Yonosuke Onishi Shoten as a wholesaler of hairdressing and beauty equipment.



2002 The first president, Kenji Onishi, established Kenji Onishi Shoten for the purpose of wholesale and import of hairdressing and beauty equipment and miscellaneous goods.


1947 Reorganized into a corporate organization and established Kenji Onishi Shoten Co., Ltd.



1957 Established Ken Onishi Co., Ltd. with a capital of 3 million yen.

1958 Increased capital to 15 million yen. Reconstructed Tokyo branch office.


1964 Constructed a 4-story head office building with business development.


1966 Tokyo branch office building is newly built to respond to the expansion of the market.



In 1976, Isao Onishi was appointed as the representative director.

1977 Established Chapy Co., Ltd. (later Ken Onishi) with a capital of 3 million yen by separating the wholesale division to strengthen domestic sales of imported products.


1978 The first president, Kenji Onishi, received the Order of the Sacred Treasure, 5th prize. He has been commended by the Tennoji Tax Office as an excellent tax return corporation every time.


1983 Received the Minister of International Trade and Industry Award as the first import contributor company.


1984 Promoted the Tokyo branch office to the Tokyo branch. Tokyo branch new office building completed.


In 1985, Masao Onishi was appointed as the representative director.



2004 Completed the new head office building to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the company's establishment.

year 2000

2000 100th anniversary of founding.


2006 50th anniversary of company establishment.


In 2009, Masao Onishi was appointed as Chairman of the Board. Shoichi Onishi is appointed as President and Representative Director.




Osaka head office

9-27 Higashikozu-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543-0021

TEL: 06-6764-5171

FAX: 06-6764-5781

Tokyo Branch

2-1-4 Torigoe, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0054

TEL: 03-3864-7327

FAX: 03-3864-7330

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