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Import business

The market is Japan
The field is the whole earth

~ In search of low price and high quality ~

A modern society in which information, products, and people are becoming borderless every day. In such an era, the value of our specialized trading company is, above all, to answer the wishes of our customers. In particular, Ken Onishi's import business is at the forefront of contact with the world, promoting businesses that serve as a bridge between Japanese customers and overseas manufacturers. The Japanese market demands high quality, high sense, and low prices. It is a big proposition of the current import business to fully meet the needs and provide customers with added value. What is needed for that is outstanding information gathering ability, arrangement ability, sales ability, and bargaining ability. That's exactly what Ken Onishi is good at.


With these powers, the trust cultivated in history and know-how, and the excellent individual ability to develop business with free ideas exert a synergistic effect, discover products that meet advanced needs, and the market Introducing truly valuable products to Japan.


Also not limited to only deal with foreign countries, to plan products that will fit to our customers, we also focus to organize to import from the development and production overseas. As a specialized trading company that responds to the turbulent times of the future, we will continue to search for better means.


Proper Planning

We grasp information of goods and the latest trend of markets all over the world, and approach our customers' demands after researching more based on the knowledge. We are confident in providing products which meet the demands. Let us handle planning and development of products and local production as well. At the development,we will make samples as quickly as possible,and do our best to realize our customers' request in the best way.

Production network in wide range

Enhancements of production systems are necessary to realize the price and quality which satisfy our customer's requests.  K. Onishi has the local production networks which have been developed up as taking long time. We provide low price but high quality products from abroad by cooperation  with local suppliers or factories that have reliable skills.

By one stop from negotiation to management

Transactions with foreign countries do not always go as well as domestic ones because languages and cultures are different and so there are always anxieties, risks and transaction with foreign companies and smoothly proceeds with adjustment with them,production leading up to import without putting our customers to any troubles.


Reliable support in management of local production

At production sites in foreign countries where cultures and life standards are defferent, a sense of the Japanese which naturally requires strict quality management cannot always be accepted. To meet the requested quality in the site like this ,supports from Japan are absolutely essential. K,Onishi with rich know-how in foreign production endeavors to manage qualities by a close communication with production sites.

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