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Export business

Excellent things that can only be made in Japan

Value, not just price, is universal

Ken Onishi also exports excellent Japanese products to each country. The Japanese products required overseas are those that are recognized for their excellent design, specifications, and technology, which boast Japan's unique sensibility and sense.

It is true that competition at the world level is intensifying, and although there are technical and price competitions, there are still many things that can only be achieved with Japanese products. The needs of overseas users often demand more than just price, and excellent Japanese products are still competitive overseas.



Ken Onishi understands the complex and diversifying needs of antennas with favorable sensitivity all over the world. We respond to those needs with abundant experience and reliable marketing capabilities, and provide the products that are required where they are required.

Furthermore, by adding the added value unique to Ken Onishi, we are acquiring markets mainly in the United States, Europe, and Asian countries.

We are also taking on the challenge of discovering new products, proposing new projects, OEM products of famous overseas brands, and expanding sales channels to Russia and Eastern Europe. Ken Onishi is always looking for new possibilities for business that can be expanded from Japan to the world.

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